image credit: Unsplash

Microsoft developer demos .NET on the NES — delivers .NES

May 29, 2024

Ever wanted to see a Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1986 run the .NET Framework released for Windows platforms in 2000? If you’re the same kind of techno-degenerate who enjoyed .NET being backported to Windows 95, you’re most likely in the right place, though of course the NES isn’t going to be nearly as capable as your average Windows 95 PC.

Before proceeding, let’s take a moment to put the processing power of the mighty Nintendo Entertainment System in context — since it was powerful for its day, after all. The NES boasts an 8-bit CPU running at 1.78 MHz — that’s right, MHz, not kHz!— and enjoys a generous 2 Kilobytes of RAM and of VRAM allocation.

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