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Google’s Cross-Platform Mobile UI Framework Flutter Now in Beta

March 13, 2018

Via: InfoQ

Flutter, now in beta, is Google attempt to create a framework for cross-platform interfaces for both iOS and Android apps that behave and feel like native, although not standard, UIs. Flutter supports a reactive-style approach to UI definition, similar to React […]

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Apple iPhone 7 outselling iPhone 8

December 14, 2017

Via: GSM Arena

Apple launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus last month, but apparently the phones are not doing very well in the market. According to KeyBanc Capital Markets broker John Vinh who cited carrier store surveys, iPhone 7 is outselling the iPhone 8 as upgraders […]

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Apple iPhone 8 Review

September 25, 2017

Via: Phone Arena

For the better part of the last decade, smartphone lovers everywhere have been doing the iPhone shuffle. It’s a simple maneuver, played out on a dance floor that stretches through the years. Big step, little step, big step, little step. […]

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Apple’s iPhone X Has Custom Neural Engine Processor Built In

September 14, 2017

Via: InfoQ

Speaking in the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park yesterday Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, described some of the technology behind the facial recognition system in the newly announced iPhone X including a dedicated neural […]

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Google adds Recaptcha API to Android to block the bots

September 5, 2017

Via: Info World

Developers on the Android mobile platform, which has had ongoing problems with security, now have at their disposal an API intended to protect apps from malicious traffic and bots. Google is adding a Recaptcha API to Google Play Services for […]

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How to get found in the mobile app store—in 6 steps

September 1, 2017

Via: Info World

You spend countless hours building a mobile app that works properly. Then you submit it to the app stores, it gets released, and … nothing happens. App store optimization is a huge need for mobile developers, who need to work […]

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Security Implications of Permission Models in Smart-Home Application Frameworks

August 29, 2017

Via: InfoQ

Analysis of a popular programming framework reveals that many smart-home apps are automatically overprivileged, leaving users at risk for remote attacks that can cause physical, financial, and psychological harm. Smart-home technology has evolved beyond basic convenience functionality, such as automatically […]

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Key Abstractions for IoT-Oriented Software Engineering

August 29, 2017

Via: InfoQ

Despite the considerable research on the Internet of Things (IoT), the technologies to make the IoT a systematic reality are far from being assessed. Early research focused mostly on communication and interoperability1. More recently, researchers have tried to facilitate the […]

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The State Of Advanced Website Builders

August 28, 2017

Via: Smashing Magazine

Advanced website builders — the tools provided by Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, The Grid and more — produce websites that look and feel like they were designed and coded by humans. They’re also software as a service, which is a different […]

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Get work done on your smartphone. Docs and Sheets add-ons available

July 28, 2017

Via: Jeremy Corkwell

Time management is an important concern for everyone in the business world. That’s why some of us try to squeeze in work-related activities in timeslots that would normally be wasted – such as commutes, waiting queues, and others. However, only […]