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Cybersecurity, Security

Researchers discover zero-day Microsoft vulnerability in Office

May 31, 2022

Via: Computer Weekly

Malicious actors are using a previously undisclosed zero-day, zero-click vulnerability in Microsoft Office to execute PowerShell commands without user interaction, according to security researchers. The vulnerability – discovered by security researcher nao_sec on 27 May and later dubbed CVE-2022-30190 by […]

Computing, Software & Applications

Free at last! PowerShell goes open source, heads to Linux

August 19, 2016

Via: Info World

Microsoft’s open source train has pulled into a most unexpected stop. PowerShell, the company’s flagship command-line environment for automation and systems management, will be released as an open source project and ported to Linux and MacOS. That’s reason enough for […]

Computing, Operating Systems

How to automate Windows with PowerShell

March 14, 2016

Via: Techradar

Exploring the more advanced Windows tools is a great way to begin taking control of your PC. Learn about Task Manager, for example, and you’ll soon be able to detect, and importantly, close down failing processes that might be slowing […]

Hacking, Security

Cyber criminals cash out using PowerShell, other legitimate tools

February 9, 2016

Via: Info World

Cyber criminals use a variety of methods to steal money, but they also need to somehow get those ill-gotten gains into their pockets. Kaspersky Lab researchers outlined how three different cyber crime gangs used legitimate networking tools against banks to […]