Tag: Regulation

Hacking, Security

US lawmakers introduce bill to delay enhanced government hacking powers

November 18, 2016

Via: Info World

U.S. lawmakers have introduced legislation to delay the coming into force on Dec. 1 of a rule change that aims to expand the government’s ability to search computers and other digital devices across many jurisdictions with a single warrant. The […]

Privacy, Security

Without tech industry guidance, U.S. may resort to weakening encryption

November 18, 2016

Via: Info World

Apple may have refused to help the FBI unlock an iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooter, but the tech industry is still better off working with the U.S. government on encryption issues than turning away, according to a former […]

Performance, security, and availability

In rare unanimous move, House passes bill to protect email and cloud privacy

April 28, 2016

Via: Info World

The U.S. House of Representatives, in a rare unanimous vote, has approved a bill to strengthen privacy protections for email and other data stored in the cloud. The Email Privacy Act would require law enforcement agencies to get court-ordered warrants […]