Azure Copilot: An AI assistant for Azure ops and troubleshooting

May 23, 2024

Via: InfoWorld

Microsoft has been polishing up its AI-powered Copilot in Azure for months now, and finally decided it’s ready for everyone to use. A public preview of Copilot in Azure will roll out relatively quickly, over a couple of weeks. If you’re not able to access Copilot in Azure immediately, rest assured you should see it in your Azure Portal soon, where it can help you manage, secure, and tune your Azure cloud infrastructure.

I talked with Erin Chapple, Microsoft CVP, Azure Core Product and Design, about the new service and where it’s likely to go in the future. Like Microsoft’s other service-oriented Copilots, Copilot in Azure isn’t the general-purpose Copilot you’ll find in Bing.

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