image: infoworld

Android 9.0 P: Here’s what to expect

March 28, 2018

Google has scheduled its yearly developer conference, Google I/O, to take place between May 8 and May 10 this year and the heavy-hitter of the event will most certainly be the next flavor of Android that will undoubtedly be announced on stage. Google has made it a tradition to release milestone Android releases each and every year and guess what – 2018 is the time for the letter P, which will have the honors of headlining the dessert name.

Now, unlike hardware leaks and rumors which usually rain upon us like a torrential flood once the debut of the device nears, software leaks and rumors are not as easy to come by. Actually, we normally struggle to pinpoint the probable features that will arrive with the new version of, say, Android or iOS beforehand, and that’s quite normal.

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