image: infoworld

Get Android One launcher on any Android smartphone

January 17, 2018

The Android One program is certainly one that draws a fair bit of attention. It’s a special partnership between Google and 3rd party manufacturers, which makes it possible to sell midrange phones with vanilla Android on board, at really affordable prices. Google’s stamp of approval on them is one factor that makes them alluring, and the other is the fact that the phones are free of any custom manufacturer skinning, UI enhancement, et cetera. Basically, it’s your entry-level Pixels of the world, made by other companies.

With the love for the Google Android being so strong among fans, you might be feeling inclined to try out the Android One launcher — it’s kind of like the Pixel launcher, but has its own twists to it. However, up until now, that wasn’t possible without rooting your phone. And who has time for that, right?

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