image credit: huawei

P30’s yellow pixels the ‘future of photography’? They are not that great vs S10+, XS Max, or Pixel 3 cameras

April 23, 2019

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s Consumer division, is on record saying that the “…P30 Series is a fundamental breakthrough after decades of digital camera technology development; it will rewrite the rules and reshape everyone’s perception of mobile photography.”

How come? Well, with what Huawei calls a SuperSpectrum sensor using yellow instead of green pixels. It still consists of a Quad Bayer layout, but with Red-Yellow-Yellow-Blue matrix. On paper, using the subtractive RYB color-building method that painters are intimately acquainted with, instead of the traditional additive RGB coloring with a light source, allows for more light to be absorbed by the sensor from an area unit.

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