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Cybersecurity, Security

US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency launches ransomware assessment tool

July 1, 2021

Via: Computer Weekly

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the United States’ counterpart of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), has added a ransomware readiness assessment (RRA) module to its Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET) package, offering defenders a desktop tool to […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

5G focus is shifting to infrastructure, as seen at MWC 2021

June 29, 2021

Via: TechSpot

Most people didn’t have particularly high expectations for this year’s Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. After all, vendor after vendor pulled out several months back, and attendance was predicted to be (and now proven to be) very light […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Salesforce targets public clouds with Hyperforce

December 3, 2020

Via: Info World

Salesforce has re-architected its underlying infrastructure to make all of its CRM solutions run in the public cloud as part of a program it calls Hyperforce. Hyperforce may not have been Salesforce’s headline announcement during this year’s Dreamforce—the CRM giant’s […]

Online Tools, Performance, security, and availability

Demisto Integrates With AWS for Seamless Cloud Security Incident Response

June 29, 2018

Via: Dataversity

According to a recent press release, “Demisto, an innovator in Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) technology, today announced integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to allow customers to automate tasks across AWS services. As the first SOAR platform to […]


How DevOps Principles Are Being Applied to Networking

January 23, 2018

Via: InfoQ

Practices from the DevOps world are being adopted into managing networking services. Vendor hardware, configuration tools and deployment modes have eased programmable configuration and automation of network devices and functions. Some recommendations on how to adopt network automation practices include […]

Cloud Computing

Four industries where on-premises infrastructure beats the cloud

December 4, 2017


Cloud computing has fundamentally transformed information technology by offering enterprises an allegedly cheaper, more flexible, and relatively maintenance-free alternative to purchasing their own IT infrastructure. However, despite the mad rush to migrate to the cloud, cloud solutions are not always […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Microsoft Invests in Hybrid Connectivity, Releases On-premises Data Gateway

May 15, 2017

Via: InfoQ

Microsoft announced the On-premises data gateway has reached General Availability (GA). This gateway allows for remote connectivity from many Microsoft PaaS and SaaS services to data sources residing behind a corporate firewall. Within the Microsoft documentation, the service is referred […]


How Google Uses Espresso to Connect to the Public Internet

April 12, 2017

Via: InfoQ

At the Open Networking Summit, Google engineers highlighted the capabilities of their Software Defined Networking (SDN) strategy, including the peering edge architecture named Espresso. Google fellow Amin Vahdat and distinguished engineer Bikash Koley claim the technology delivers “unprecedented scale, flexibility […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Google Announces Cloud Machine Learning API Updates

April 11, 2017

Via: InfoQ

Google recently announced the Cloud Machine Learning API updates at the Google Cloud Next Conference. This includes a set of APIs in the areas of vision, video intelligence, speech, natural language, translation and job search. They enable the customers to […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Azure Logic Apps Reaches General Availability

August 9, 2016

Via: InfoQ

On July 27th, Microsoft announced their Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offering, Logic Apps has reached General Availability (GA). The GA release includes additional management support such as workflow run details, telemetry events and alerts. As part of this […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Azure Premium Messaging Service Reaches General Availability

August 1, 2016

Via: InfoQ

On July 15th, Microsoft announced the Azure Premium Messaging service has reached General Availability (GA). It has been ten months since Microsoft launched their public preview. InfoQ previously covered the Public Preview announcement in November 2015. Azure Premium Messaging is […]

Software & Applications

Presentation: Resilient Predictive Data Pipelines

May 9, 2016

Via: InfoQ

Sid Anand discusses how Agari is applying Big Data best practices to the problem of securing its customers from email-born threats. Anand presents a system that leverages the best of both the cloud (AWS’s SNS, SQS, Kinesis, Auto-scaling, S3, Lambda, […]

Computing, Hardware

Google Cloud Machine Learning and Tensor Flow Alpha Release

April 19, 2016

Via: InfoQ

Late last month Google released an alpha version of their TensorFlow (TF) integrated cloud machine learning service as a response to a growing need to make their Tensor Flow library to run at scale on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). […]

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Microsoft Announces Azure Premium Messaging Preview

November 12, 2015

Via: InfoQ

In early September, Microsoft announced a premium tier to its messaging offering known as Azure Service Bus Premium Messaging. The premium service includes existing cloud based messaging capabilities, such as Queues and Topics, but delivers them over dedicated infrastructure in […]


The all-consuming future of cloud analytics

March 20, 2015

Via: itCurated

Inflection points are thrilling and slightly unnerving to live through. Like, for example, the inflection point the IT world is experiencing now. We’re in a phase where the exponential growth of cloud computing feels unstoppable. Many industry observers are starting […]

Data Management

5 reasons to turn to Spark for big data analytics

March 17, 2015

Via: itCurated

Over the past couple of years, as Hadoop has become the dominant paradigm for big data processing, several facts have become clear. First, the Hadoop Distributed File System is the right storage platform for big data. Second, YARN is the […]

Data Management

SignalFuse rebrands as SignalFx with an infrastructure-monitoring app and $28.5M

March 12, 2015

Via: Jordan Novet

SignalFuse is today coming out of stealth mode and revealing the monitoring web-based software it devised, while also announcing a new company name: SignalFx. What’s more, the startup is announcing that it’s picked up two rounds of venture-capital funding, which […]