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Computing, Hardware

TSMC is building a new chip factory in Japan, but warns of ‘tight’ supply through 2022

October 14, 2021

Via: The Verge

TSMC has announced plans to expand its chipmaking efforts with a new factory in Japan during its Q3 2021 earnings call, marking the latest expansion for what’s already the world’s largest chipmaker, via Reuters. But the news comes as the […]

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Sword Art Online’s New VR Game Is Not What We Wanted

May 23, 2018

Via: UploadVR

It’s always hard to tell if new games set in Sword Art Online’s virtual reality universe are actually, y’know, VR games or just games set inside VR. This upcoming release looks like it’s the former, though it’s hardly the one […]


For some reason, Japan’s Mount Fuji will soon have Wi-Fi

July 9, 2015

Via: Ariel Bogle

To satisfy Internet-addicted tourists, Japan will soon offer free Wi-Fi on its iconic peak, Mount Fuji. From Friday, Wi-Fi will be available for hikers in eight locations on the mountain, including a number of cottages and a resort, according to […]


Researchers in Japan show off super fast laser holograms you can touch

July 2, 2015

Via: Adario Strange

The dream of being able to touch and interact with holograms was the subject of many science fiction stories, but a lab in Japan has actually accomplished the feat. Unlike the fictional holodeck on Star Trek, which used force fields […]