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Google’s new password standard may change the future of Android logins

August 5, 2016

Via: Techradar

It’s about to get a whole lot easier to log into apps on Android. Google and password manager Dashlane announced a new open log-in protocol, unfortunately named Open YOLO (You Only Login Once). Open YOLO will allow password managers to […]

Apps & OS, Mobile

Google’s password-free logins may arrive on Android apps by year-end

May 24, 2016

Via: TechSpot

Google is moving forward with plans to kill passwords on mobile devices using a system of biometrics to authenticate identity. Its latest effort, dubbed Project Abacus, will begin trials with “several financial institutions” next month with the goal of becoming […]

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Soon you’ll log into Windows 10 apps with your Facebook account

April 14, 2016

Via: Techradar

For Windows 10, and especially on the mobile side, app development has been excruciatingly slow, but Facebook is hoping to give it a breath of fresh air. At Facebook’s F8 developer conference, developer advocate Christine Abernathy announced the social company […]