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Logitech G435 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset Review: Light Weight, Okay Audio

September 15, 2021

Via: Tom's Hardware

When buying on a budget, you have to decide which features you’re willing to cut to keep prices in line. Logitech’s G435 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset is like a solid economy sportscar: It’s reasonably quick, with a low-latency connection. It’s […]

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Best wireless mouse 2021: the best wireless mice on the market today

September 3, 2021

Via: Techradar

The best wireless mouse is in your future if you’re working towards a minimalist setup. There’s no need to stay leashed to your PC. That’s because today’s wireless mice don’t have the latency or connection issues that afflicted the ones […]

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Logitech Using Vive Tracker to Bring Your Keyboard and Hands Into VR for Efficient Typing

November 3, 2017

Via: Road to VR

Logitech is creating a new system called BRIDGE which aims to make it possible to bring a properly tracked keyboard into VR while showing the user’s hands for accurate typing. Though retail plans haven’t yet been announced, the company is […]