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Apple Pay is probably coming to Chrome on iOS soon

August 1, 2022

Via: Mashable

Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay for goods and services with your phone, but if you’re using any browser other than Safari, it won’t work for in-browser purchases. This will likely change soon. Steve Moser, iOS developer and […]

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Google says Chrome’s latest update is faster than Safari

March 7, 2022

Via: The Verge

Google has said that the latest Chrome update, version M99, is setting records on Apple’s own Speedometer web benchmark and is even faster and more responsive on Macs than Safari. A post on the Chromium Blog breaks down the improvements […]

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Microsoft Edge set to dethrone Safari in desktop browser rankings

February 17, 2022

Via: Techradar

The browser wars continue to rage unabated as the latest figures place Microsoft Edge on the verge of surpassing Apple’s Safari offering when it comes to desktop market share. According to data from web analytics service StatCounter, Microsoft Edge is […]

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Apple is working on a fix to exterminate the iOS 15, iPadOS 15 Safari bug

January 19, 2022

Via: PhoneArena

A few days ago we told you about a rather serious Safari bug that could, in certain hands, lead to the theft of personal data. The report from FingerprintJS said that the bug “lets any website track your internet activity […]

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Browser wars: Apple’s M1 chips help Safari close the gap on Google Chrome

January 4, 2022

Via: Techradar

The success of Apple’s M1 range of silicon could have inadvertently helped drive up the market share of web browser Safari, new data suggests. The first M1-powered MacBooks were launched in 2020, followed by a series of mobile workstations powered […]

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Has Microsoft Edge just slipped up in the browser wars?

September 3, 2021

Via: Techradar

The battle for web browser supremacy continues to rumble on as Microsoft Edge and Firefox scrap for users across the world. The latest global browser market share figures for August 2021 from Statcounter claim that Firefox has clawed back ground […]

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MacOS Big Sur officially launches on Nov. 12

November 10, 2020

Via: Mashable

Big news for folks who’ve been waiting for Apple to finally update MacOS: You don’t have to wait much longer. Big Sur is almost here. Yes, the next iteration of MacOS will officially launch this week. Apple confirmed a Nov. […]

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New iOS 14 features: how to change Safari for Chrome as default browser

September 18, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

To some developers’ surprise Apple gave them just a day of warning that it will be announcing the iOS 14 release to current iPhones at the September 15 “Time Flies” event, instead of waiting for the iPhone 12 in October. […]

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See what’s new with Safari on iOS 12, from Facebook tracking alerts, to AR viewing

June 11, 2018

Via: Phone Arena

With all the fanfare around the iOS 12 announcement during Apple’s WWDC 2018 event, it’s easy to forget that WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers Conference. After the keynote, Apple’s engineering honchos delved deep into working sessions presenting all that is […]


Apple was storing years of deleted Safari browsing histories

February 10, 2017

Via: TechSpot

A Russian digital forensics company ElcomSoft has shown evidence that Apple is storing records of users’ browser history in iCloud storage system even after it has been deleted. The records include site names, URLs, and when a given site was […]

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Safari to block Flash, Java and more by default in macOS Sierra

June 16, 2016

Via: TechSpot

By default, Apple’s Safari doesn’t include the ability to play Flash content unless you manually install the plug-in. It’s no secret that the company would prefer websites to make the jump over to HTML5, which can handle most of the […]

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Safari outage affects iPhone and iPad users worldwide

January 27, 2016

Via: DailyMail

Apple’s Safari browser has been struggling to keep up with its demanding public this morning, with a number of users reporting crashes and service outages. The crash is reported to have been caused by a bug with the browser’s ‘auto […]