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New Air-Gap Attack Uses SATA Cable as an Antenna to Transfer Radio Signals

July 19, 2022

Via: The Hacker News

A new method devised to leak information and jump over air-gaps takes advantage of Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) or Serial ATA cables as a communication medium, adding to a long list of electromagnetic, magnetic, electric, optical, and acoustic methods […]

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Seagate Announces BarraCuda Consumer SATA SSD

July 5, 2018

Via: Anandtech

Seagate has pretty much always been a major player in the storage market, where they’re known primarily for their hard drives. They haven’t been completely absent from the SSD market, but they have focused almost exclusively on the enterprise SSD […]

Storage Management

Broadcom and HPE Extend Collaboration in Server Storage

June 18, 2018

Via: StorageNewsletter

Broadcom and HPE will showcase the benefits of the SFF-TA-1001 specification commonly known as U.3 reference platform this week at HPE Discover, with a U.3 universal drive cage demonstration featuring Toshiba Memory America, Inc. U.3-enabled NVMe, SAS and featureddrives. This […]

Hardware, Solid State Drive

Toshiba OCZ RC100 Series SSD Review

June 14, 2018

Via: StorageReview

Toshiba is looking to enter the mainstream end-user NVMe stage with the OCZ RC100 Series SSD. Launching at a competitive price point, the RC100 is designed for those looking to upgrade their rigs to the much faster NVMe technology, fitting […]