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Microsoft Teams vs Skype: Which video conferencing and collaboration service is best?

November 1, 2021

Via: Techradar

For many individuals, Skype was the originator of remote video communication. The platform was originally launched all the way back in 2003 and quickly became an essential tool for families and friends looking to communicate over long distances. Skype was […]

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Microsoft promises an improved and super modern-looking Skype

September 28, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

For the first time in a very long time, Microsoft is talking about its future plans involving Skype rather than offering users a glimpse at what’s to come in the next update. Instead of promising new features, Microsoft is now […]

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Microsoft is warning users to move to Teams before it’s too late

February 3, 2021

Via: Techradar

Microsoft has reminded users of Skype for Business Online that the clock is ticking in the race to move across to Teams. The Redmond-based firm has told Skype for Business Online users that they have until July 31, 2021, to […]

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Microsoft slightly boosts Skype video call functionality

July 17, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

Just a heads up that if you’re using Skype for meetings, it’s now possible to see more of your friends in video calls. Microsoft released yesterday a new version of Skype that brings a handful of new features and improvements […]

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Skype tries competing with Zoom by reminding people that they don’t need the app or an account to make a call

April 3, 2020

Via: The Verge

Skype is trying to make it as easy as possible to use its video calling software and remind people that using the app isn’t complicated. The company tweeted a reminder today that users can now start a video meeting and […]

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Microsoft will continue to let humans transcribe Skype Translations and Cortana conversations

August 15, 2019

Via: TechSpot

As reported by Motherboard, though, Microsoft has broken away from the pack and will continue to employ transcriptionists (both contractors and full-time employees). These individuals will listen to recordings captured by Skype’s Translator feature and the Cortana virtual assistant; even […]

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Cybercriminals prefer to chat over Skype

April 26, 2017

Via: Info World

Law enforcement and government officials don’t like encrypted peer-to-peer chat platforms such as WhatsApp and Jabber because it is harder to eavesdrop on what cybercriminals are planning. But according to a recent study of global cybercrime operations, the bulk of […]

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A new Android app from the Skype dev team has SMS texting integration built right in

December 15, 2016

Via: Phone Arena

Every time a reputable developer releases a “hidden” app in alpha version on Google Play, we just can’t resist to take it for a spin. This time around it’s actually a brand new app from the Skype team, developed from […]

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Microsoft offers more details on Skype for Business integration with iOS CallKit

November 29, 2016

Via: Phone Arena

Skype developers announced integration of its Business app with iOS devices using Apple’s CallKit framework a while ago, but little info was unveiled as to how this will work and are its real benefits. Today, Microsoft released an in-depth details […]

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Skype sets a course for the cloud, ditching some apps on the way

July 20, 2016

Via: Info World

Skype is leaving behind its peer-to-peer roots and going all in on the cloud. While the popular messaging app made it this far by facilitating connections between computers for video calls and other communications, it’s moving to a cloud architecture […]

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Skype’s bot invasion continues with group chats

July 11, 2016

Via: Info World

Want to have a group trivia contest on Skype? Microsoft announced updates to the bot functionality in Skype on Friday that let digital quiz masters and other automated participants take part in group text conversations. Developers that use the functionality […]

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You can now send files with Skype when the recipient is offline

July 6, 2016

Via: Info World

Microsoft stepped up its battle with the armada of mobile messaging apps on Tuesday, announcing that Skype users can now send files to each other without the recipient needing to be online. That means a user could tweak a presentation […]

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Skype Translator adds Arabic to its real-time translation tool

March 8, 2016

Via: Mashable

Arabic just became the eighth language supported by Microsoft’s real-time translation tool. Skype Translator, which allows people who speak different languages to communicate in real time over Skype, was updated Tuesday with support for Arabic. The new language, like the […]

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Are YOUR Skype chats being watched? T9000 malware steals files and records calls

February 8, 2016

Via: DailyMail

A malicious computer program is targeting Skype users and listening in to their conversations, security experts have warned. The Trojan, called T9000, was spotted by experts at Palo Alto Networks, who call it ‘backdoor malware’. The researchers also warned it […]

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All Skype for Windows users get real-time translation

January 13, 2016

Via: Venture Beat

Skype today announced that its Skype Translator tool is now built directly into its main app for all Windows users. This means Skype for Windows users no longer need a separate app to translate conversations in seven languages (Chinese Mandarin, […]

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Skype for Business iOS app is available with new features. How to get it

October 14, 2015

Via: Adrian Cirlig

Source photo It’s quite clear that Skype has been more business-oriented lately, even without the business app. With over 300 million users, Skype has become one of the most important communication tools available. In the tech world, because of its […]

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Goodbye language barriers. The Skype Translator is here

October 2, 2015

Via: Natalie Dunn

People have always been interested to find a proper way to communicate with a person who speaks a different language. We want to be connected. So far we managed to find different ways to solve this issue – universal languages, […]

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Skype issues mea culpa for outage, blames it on ‘larger-than-usual’ configuration update

September 22, 2015

Via: Ken Yeung

Skype has formally apologized for the worldwide outage users experienced on Monday. In a blog post, the company attributed the extended downtime to a “larger-than-usual” configuration change that resulted in users being disconnected. The disruption in service put heavy pressure […]

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Microsoft rolls out Skype for Business in Office update

April 16, 2015

Via: itCurated

Microsoft is rolling out its new Skype for Business product as part of the monthly April update for Office 2013, as well as to Office 365 customers around the world, marking the end of the road for its Lync unified […]