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Instagram is down and suspending many accounts – here’s what we know

October 31, 2022

Via: Techradar

It looks like Instagram is down. Millions of users have been trying to scroll through their feed on the app, but rather than being brought with photos or reels, people are discovering that their accounts are locked out. As of […]

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Apple restored Russian social network VKontakte to the App Store

October 19, 2022

Via: The Verge

Apple has reinstated the apps made by the Russian technology group VK on the App Store after the company provided proof that it’s not “majority owned or controlled by a sanctioned entity” (via The Guardian). The company removed the VK-owned […]

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LinkedIn is still the most popular phishing lure around

July 20, 2022

Via: Techradar

When it comes to impersonating(opens in new tab) big brands, LinkedIn is still the most popular target, with almost half (45%) of all impersonation attempts spoofing the social network. Check Point Research’s (CPR) latest analysis found that while LinkedIn’s share […]

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LinkedIn says it’s killing Stories. Yes, LinkedIn had Stories.

August 31, 2021

Via: Mashable

The platform everyone hates is doing away with a feature no one wanted. LinkedIn announced Tuesday that, as of the end of September, LinkedIn Stories will be no more. The format, initially made popular by Snapchat before being shameless copied […]

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Instagram copies another TikTok feature with ‘Remix’

March 31, 2021

Via: Mashable

Instagram’s new Remix feature looks a lot like the one that made TikTok so popular. The platform launched the Remix feature on Wednesday, which allows Instagram users to create their “own Reel next to one that already exists.” It’s very […]

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Dark mode for the Facebook app is now being tested publicly

November 2, 2020

Via: Phone Arena

Even though many were unhappy with the visual changes made to Facebook on desktop this year, likely many more rejoiced that the most popular social network finally started looking into modernizing itself visually, in order to appeal to younger users. […]

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Why LinkedIn Live Is a Big Deal

June 13, 2019

Via: WebPro

Just a few years ago, most people barely acknowledged LinkedIn as a social network. “Oh, LinkedIn? I never really pay attention to that.” was a popular refrain. While most people were snoozing, LinkedIn was growing, and a combination of LinkedIn […]

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Google+ dies today

April 2, 2019

Via: Mashable

You’ve probably forgotten all about it already, but today, April 2, is the day Google officially shuts down its social network, Google+. The company disabled the creation of new accounts in February, and will start deleting content today. “On April […]

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Nigelthorn malware steals Facebook credentials, mines for cryptocurrency

May 11, 2018

Via: ZDNet

A new malware campaign has been uncovered on Facebook which not only steals account credentials but also installs scripts for covert cryptocurrency mining. Cybersecurity firm Radware said in a blog post on Thursday that Nigelthorn is a new campaign which […]

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Facebook is unstoppable: here are the numbers to prove it

July 28, 2016

Via: Techradar

Do you use Facebook? Of course you do. And so do 1.7 billion people every month. That’s the latest user figure from the social network, which released its Q2 earnings report today. As has been the case for many quarters […]


Why you should NEVER put your phone number on Facebook

August 11, 2015

Via: itCurated

Facebook users may want to think twice before putting a phone number on their profile. The social network encourages anybody who uploads pictures from their mobile to add their number too. But if they do, anybody can find that person’s […]


Facebook reportedly building a music streaming service (or not)

July 10, 2015

Via: Tim Schiesser

Facebook is apparently not content with just being a social network and ad-supported video provider: the company is reportedly building a streaming music platform that will compete with the likes of Spotify, Rdio, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Microsoft’s […]


Twitter is testing a ‘You may also like’ suggestion feature on individual tweet pages

April 15, 2015

Via: Emil Protalinski

Twitter is testing a new “You may also like” column on the right-hand side of individual tweet pages on “I can confirm this is an experiment for a limited group of users”, a Twitter spokesperson told VentureBeat. A source […]