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Instagram working on feature to prevent users from viewing unsolicited nudes

September 22, 2022

Via: TechSpot

Instagram parent Meta confirmed to The Verge that it is developing a nudity protection feature for the photo-and-video sharing platform. Researcher Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted a screengrab of the technology, which “covers photos that may contain nudity in chat.” People will […]

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Facebook introduces a corporate human rights policy it will ‘strive to respect’

March 17, 2021

Via: The Verge

Facebook is addressing the criticism it’s faced for its role in human rights abuses by putting its values on paper in a new “corporate human rights policy” collecting “the human rights standards [it] will strive to respect.” Under the policy, […]

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Facebook’s massive outage helped a rival messaging app gain 3 million new users

March 14, 2019

Via: Phone Arena

If you’re bothered by Facebook’s notoriously shady data harvesting methods and various other controversies surrounding the privacy and security of the social networking titan’s user base, it’s probably not a good idea to switch to Instagram. But there are actually […]

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You Can Now Use Facebook’s AI Brains to Build the Next Addictive App

November 1, 2018

Via: Fortune

Facebook is making some of the artificial intelligence it uses to prod people to chat and post more available for free. People can now use the social networking giant’s Horizon coding tools to create their own software that can learn […]

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Consensual Software: How to prioritize user safety

May 19, 2017

Via: InfoQ

“Okay Google, what is the Whopper burger?” This one phrase triggered thousands of Google Home devices and Android phones across America to search for the Wikipedia entry for a Whopper burger. This caused an immediate uproar because it did one […]

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Google Analytics and Social Media: What Marketers Need to Know

May 5, 2017

Via: Social Media Examiner

Do you track the return on your social media activity in Google Analytics? Want to discover some valuable shortcuts? To explore cool hacks for Google Analytics, I interview Annie Cushing. Read More on Social Media Examiner

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Facebook updates Workplace as enterprise collaboration gets hot again

April 19, 2017

Via: Info World

Just as the enterprise takes another swing at figuring out how to help employees work better together, Facebook continues its push to entice companies to adopt its collaboration service. During the company’s annual F8 developer conference in San Jose, Calif. […]

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How to Use Facebook Stories for Marketing

April 13, 2017

Via: Social Media Examiner

Is video part of your marketing strategy? Are you wondering how Facebook’s short-form video format could help your business? Facebook Stories brings a new video format to Facebook that closely resembles Instagram Stories. Read More on Social Media Examiner


Facebook: ‘The goal of Messenger is to be a platform, not one app that does it all’

November 6, 2015

Via: Paul Sawers

Facebook’s Messenger app has taken on a life of its own ever since the social network giant made an unpopular move last year and chiselled it out from the main Facebook experience. Even though this meant friends had to use […]


Facebook Explains How Its New 360-Degree Video Works

October 16, 2015

Via: Xavier Harding

Facebook and its virtual reality subsidiary Oculus are betting on the new 360-degree video format, which Facebook introduced into your News Feed last month. Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, if you’re on Facebook and see one of these new […]


Android Marshmallow lets users translate text directly in-app

October 7, 2015

Via: Alicia Marie Tan

Language barriers are falling down one app at a time. If you’re running Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your device, you can now translate text directly within apps without the trouble of switching between apps. First, download the Translate app; you […]


LinkedIn is redesigning Groups and launching a standalone iOS app

October 6, 2015

Via: Ken Yeung

In the world of professional networking, having relevant and intelligent conversations is an important part. When you take the relationship digital, it’s far from perfect, especially when on LinkedIn. On the social network, connections are certainly being made, but actual […]


With 100M users, Pinterest’s ‘promoted pins’ just became a lot more attractive to advertisers

September 18, 2015

Via: Michael de Waal-Montgomery

Everybody and their dog is talking about Facebook and Instagram ads, but with Pinterest finally sharing its monthly active user numbers Wednesday — the service claims 100 million — I expect that advertising eyeballs will suddenly be looking a lot […]


Amazon Fire tablets are now so cheap you can get them in a $250 six-pack

September 17, 2015

Via: Chris Perkins

Tablet shoppers now have a tough choice: A 16GB iPad Mini 2, or six of Amazon’s new Fire tablets for $19 less. Seriously. Amazon announced Tuesday it’s launching a new line of Fire-branded products, including a tablet simply called Fire, […]


Mobile messaging giant Line launches a new app for friends to share their current locations in real time

August 20, 2015

Via: Paul Sawers

Mobile messaging giant Line has launched a new standalone app for friends to share their current location with each other in real-time. Line Here for Android and iOS adopts a map-based approach, with group members able to view each other’s […]


This quadcopter kite takes the selfie stick to new heights

August 19, 2015

Via: Adario Strange

Call it a selfie stick on steroids or just a less technical way to get great aerial shots. Either way, the Fotokite Phi is a camera tool that may have arrived just on time. Instead of forcing you to learn […]


Why you should NEVER put your phone number on Facebook

August 11, 2015

Via: itCurated

Facebook users may want to think twice before putting a phone number on their profile. The social network encourages anybody who uploads pictures from their mobile to add their number too. But if they do, anybody can find that person’s […]


Facebook adds live video streaming feature, but there’s a catch

August 6, 2015

Via: Shawn Knight

The world’s largest social network is finally jumping on the livestreaming bandwagon. Facebook on Wednesday launched a new feature simply known as “Live” that’s part of its Facebook Mentions app for public figures. The new feature can be used to […]


Counting likes and page views is easy — calculating real attribution is hard

August 4, 2015

Via: Jon Cifuentes

The number of channels, platforms, tools, and data available to marketers today is higher than it’s ever been. Marketers are getting more and more ambitious with regards to digital media campaigns and cross-channel marketing as new technologies and capabilities emerge. […]


Inside the failure of Google+, a very expensive attempt to unseat Facebook

August 2, 2015

Via: Seth Fiegerman

That was the original pitch for Google’s Facebook rival, Google+, a refrain hammered over and over by the social network’s chief architect, Vic Gundotra, in meetings with the company’s top brass. Gundotra, described by colleagues we spoke with as charismatic […]