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Preparing to Upgrade Your 5G Phone?

January 27, 2020

Via: Kelly Redmond

2019 was a good year for 5G, the next big advancement in mobility. Carriers successfully launched 5G networks a year ahead of the original schedule, with a number of compatible devices becoming available for purchase.  The Race Is Heating Up […]

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SQL Server 2016 boosts speed, analytics

December 16, 2016

Via: Info World

Microsoft calls SQL Server 2016 the “biggest leap forward” in the 27-year evolution of the SQL Server database. As we’ll see, despite the excess of hype, the SQL Server 2016 database offers enterprises a number of attractive new capabilities, including […]

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MIT and Harvard found a way to speed up web browsing

March 10, 2016

Via: Michael Boyd

Remember when you could listen to Pearl Jam’s entire Ten album while you were loading a web page? 26 years have passed since the world’s first website went online (, and now most web pages load in the blink of […]

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Bluetooth speed and range to get huge boost next year thanks to IoT

November 12, 2015

Via: Tech Spot

Bluetooth will get its biggest overhaul since 2010 next year in order to cope with the ever-growing number of connected devices. A longer range, faster speeds, and even mesh networking look set to boost the capabilities of the wireless technology. […]


U.S. Internet connection speeds still lag behind other developed nations

August 7, 2015

Via: itCurated

The average U.S. Internet connection speed continues to lag behind that of many other developed nations, according to the latest State of the Internet report from CDN and cloud service provider Akamai. In the first quarter of 2015, Akamai said, […]