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How TikTok became Gen-Z’s travel advisor

February 6, 2024

Via: Mashable

Planning a summer getaway? Chances are you’re turning to TikTok to plan your itinerary, whether it comes to selecting a destination or cherry-picking the tourist hotspots you’ll be visiting.

TikTok is awash with lifestyle recommendations, encompassing everything from skincare to fashion. When it comes to travel, this is no different. For young people, TikTok has become the ultimate travel guide.

New research can back this up. Tripit conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans, finding that the vast majority of young travelers scour TikTok and Instagram for this purpose: 69 percent of Gen-Z and millennial respondents said they find travel inspiration on social media. Of this, 44 percent said they use TikTok specifically.

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