image credit: Pexels

New ‘Cuckoo’ Persistent macOS Spyware Targeting Intel and Arm Macs

May 6, 2024


Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new information stealer targeting Apple macOS systems that’s designed to set up persistence on the infected hosts and act as a spyware.

Dubbed Cuckoo by Kandji, the malware is a universal Mach-O binary that’s capable of running on both Intel- and Arm-based Macs.

The exact distribution vector is currently unclear, although there are indications that the binary is hosted on sites like dumpmedia[.]com, tunesolo[.]com, fonedog[.]com, tunesfun[.]com, and tunefab[.]com that claim to offer free and paid versions of applications dedicated to ripping music from streaming services and converting it into the MP3 format.

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