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Microsoft Previews Windows 10 IoT Core Services

July 19, 2018

Via: InfoQ

Microsoft is previewing a new paid service for its Windows 10 IoT Core OS that enables managed device updates and device health assessment. Additionally, the new service will guarantee a 10 year support lifespan for each version of the OS […]

Innovations, Trends

Walmart establishes strategic partnership with Microsoft to further accelerate digital innovation in retail

July 17, 2018

Via: VMBlog

Today, Walmart Inc. announced it is establishing a strategic partnership with Microsoft Corp. to further accelerate Walmart’s digital transformation in retail, empower its associates worldwide and make shopping faster and easier for millions of customers around the world. Through this […]

Computing, Software & Applications

Microsoft counters Slack with a free version of Teams

July 13, 2018

Via: TechSpot

Microsoft introduced Teams in late 2016 as an alternative to Slack, the popular team collaboration tool. Since that time, Teams has been adopted by more than 200,000 businesses around the globe but hasn’t appealed to small outfits and freelancers due […]

Computing, Operating Systems

Is Microsoft busy working on a super-secure “next-generation” operating system?

July 12, 2018

Via: Techradar

According to a press release from Synaptics, concerning new biometric PC security measures, Microsoft is developing a ‘next-generation operating system’ of some kind with a focus on security. The announcement came in a statement about Synaptics working in conjunction with […]

Mobile, Mobile Apps

How to develop cross-platform apps more easily with Xamarin.Essentials

July 10, 2018

Via: Info World

The Xamarin acquisition was one of Microsoft’s smartest deals. It quickly gave it access to tools that let developers use familiar tools and technologies to build cross-platform applications. Now built into every version of Visual Studio, and providing the basis […]

Mobile, Tablets

Affordable Microsoft Surface Tablet Could Launch This Week

July 9, 2018

Via: Tablet News

Well, this came out of nowhere. Turns out that Microsoft’s affordable Surface Tablet could come this week. Everybody expected it to arrive in the fall, as the past Surface products have popped up, but not this one. Let’s see what […]

Gadgets, Mobile

Microsoft Andromeda: a “new and disruptive” device set for launch this year

July 2, 2018

Via: TechSpot

Back in October, it was reported that the Windows maker was working on foldable device similar to Courier, its dual-screen tablet concept that never made it into production. According to a Microsoft internal document obtained by The Verge, Andromeda will […]

Innovations, Trends

Microsoft adds post translation and QR code features to LinkedIn

June 29, 2018


Microsoft’s LinkedIn unit has rolled out a new translation feature for the employment networking site that uses Microsoft’s cognitive services. The new dynamic feature is called “See Translation” and will create immediate translations for posts on the site. LinkedIn has […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

IBM Expands Availability Zones and Cloud Capabilities Globally

June 26, 2018

Via: InfoQ

Last week, IBM announced a significant expansion of their cloud capabilities and an increase of the presence of availability zones across the globe. The announcements show the substantial investments IBM makes to compete with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in the […]

Computing, Hardware

Snapdragon 1000 could be used in desktop PCs, Hololens products, and Microsoft’s Andromeda

June 25, 2018

Via: TechSpot

Earlier this month, Qualcomm revealed the Snapdragon 850; a dedicated laptop chip—as in, not for smartphones—designed for the second-generation of its Windows 10 on ARM initiative. Compared to the current Snapdragon 835 PCs, it offers a 30 percent performance boost, […]