Apple and Samsung dominated the European wearables market in Q1

June 18, 2021

Category: Gadgets, Mobile

The wearables segment encompasses everything from smartwatches and fitness bands to true wireless earphones, and in the first quarter of 2021 demand continued to climb across the continent of Europe. Apple continued to dominate with AirPods and the Apple Watch […]

Microsoft fixes seven zero-days on its Patch Tuesday rounds

June 9, 2021

Microsoft has released fixes for six zero-days that are being actively exploited in the wild – and one that is not – on a Patch Tuesday that this month continues a recent trend of generally lighter updates. Indeed, this is […]

AMD Passes 30% CPU Market Share in Steam Hardware Survey, Loses in s

June 3, 2021

Category: Computing, Hardware

Valve has released the results for the May 2021 installment of its monthly Steam Hardware & Software Survey. The biggest takeaway is that AMD took one step forward by claiming 30% of the CPU market, at least as represented by […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

T-Mobile continues using Sprint’s 2.5GHz spectrum for its triple-layer 5G network

June 17, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

When T-Mobile announced that it was going to merge with Sprint in a $26.5 billion deal on April 29, 2018, many wondered why a carrier on the rise like T-Mobile would be interested in a carrier that was on the […]

Computing, Software & Applications

How to use Razor View Engine in ASP.NET Core MVC

June 16, 2021

Via: Info World

The ASPX View Engine is the legacy view engine built into ASP.NET MVC from its initial days. The Razor View Engine is more advanced and is now the default view engine of ASP.NET Core MVC. This article compares these two […]

Computing, Hardware

AMD launches Radeon RX 6900 XT Liquid Edition with a performance bump

June 16, 2021

Via: The Verge

AMD is launching a new variant of its Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card that is liquid cooled. This extra cooling allows the card to run at higher clock speeds, delivering better performance in games. Videocardz reports that the Radeon […]