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Google Tests New Ways to Limit Data Tracking for Android Users Who Opt-Out of Data Sharing

June 3, 2021

Via: Social Media Today

Google is reportedly looking to improve its protections for users who choose to opt-out of in-app data tracking on Android, which many see as a response to Apple’s recent update to its IDFA process for the same. As reported by […]

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Finding shareable solution patterns in cloud architecture

June 1, 2021

Via: Info World

You just completed the data architecture for the system supporting the manufacturing organization as part of a massively complex multicloud migration. You designed a unique approach to normalizing all databases and getting down to a single source of truth for […]

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6 Things You Should Know About Data Science (And How It Can Help Your Organization)

May 13, 2021

Via: Big Data Analytics News

Data science is an increasingly vital discipline that has applications in almost every industry and sector, so getting to know a little more about it is certainly sensible, especially as its importance is only going to grow. With that in […]

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Red Hat OpenShift ramps up security and manageability with Platform Plus

April 27, 2021

Via: Info World

Red Hat announced a new option for its OpenShift container platform at the virtual Red Hat Summit this week called Platform Plus, with a focus on helping customers more easily secure and manage their Kubernetes clusters regardless of which environment […]

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Ahana Cloud for Presto review: Fast SQL queries against data lakes

April 14, 2021

Via: Info World

Hope springs eternal in the database business. While we’re still hearing about data warehouses (fast analysis databases, typically featuring in-memory columnar storage) and tools that improve the ETL step (extract, transform, and load), we’re also hearing about improvements in data […]

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Where now for storage? Dell EMC, NetApp and HPE

April 6, 2021

Via: Computer Weekly

In this first article of two, we look at Dell, HPE and NetApp. All three are making a big play towards the cloud – with Dell EMC and HPE’s consumption models very prominent – and NetApp, the only pure play […]

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What is an internal developer platform? PaaS done your way

March 4, 2021

Via: Info World

As cloud computing, containerization, devops, and microservice architectures have established themselves as the building blocks for modern application development, the need for a simple way to manage those resources for internal software developer teams has become more and more important. […]

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Five key points about unstructured data storage on-prem and cloud

February 4, 2021

Via: Computer Weekly

Unstructured data is proliferating massively. It is growing in volume by more than 50% a year, and according to IDC, it will form 80% of all data by 2025 and does so already for some organisations. That means unstructured data […]

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New Docker Container Escape Bug Affects Microsoft Azure Functions

January 27, 2021

Via: The Hacker News

Cybersecurity researcher Paul Litvak today disclosed an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Azure Functions that could be used by an attacker to escalate privileges and escape the Docker container used for hosting them. The findings come as part of Intezer Lab’s […]

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When Kubernetes is not the solution

January 26, 2021

Via: Info World

Kubernetes is just the latest example of a powerful technology that can provide a solid solution in many instances. Although it may seem like all the cool kids are choosing Kubernetes-related technology, it’s not right for every application. When a […]