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Google is testing a new way to display tab information in Chrome

January 4, 2019

Via: Techradar

Google has been experimenting with various new improvements to Chrome, including a dark mode for Windows and macOS, and now a new way of displaying information about tabs. As reported by TechDows, Tab Hover Cards will replace tooltips, showing details […]

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Taking the Guesswork Out of Technology Predictions

January 2, 2019

Via: Aberdeen

It’s that time of year again. As the calendar turns to 2019, technology analysts and pundits everywhere will be peering into their crystal balls, hoping to figure out what trends and technologies will be important in the coming year. As […]

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Create stunning designs, take a deep dive in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

December 28, 2018

Via: TechSpot

Dreaming of a career that gives you more flexibility while letting you flex your creative muscles? Fast-track a creative career by learning the most essential tools of the trade. The Adobe Creative Cloud is the world’s leading digital design suite […]

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The 9 best apps for your new Windows PC

December 27, 2018

Via: The Verge

Microsoft has done a good job updating its Windows 10 operating system with useful utilities and features, but there’s still room for plenty of third-party apps. If you’ve just received a new PC over the holidays, we have some favorite […]

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Xiaomi drops software support for the Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3

December 20, 2018

Via: GSM Arena

Xiaomi just confirmed that it’s discontinuing the software support for two of its iconic devices – the 2016 flagship, Mi 5 and the affordable Redmi Note 3 phablet from the same year. The upcoming stable release of the MIUI Global […]

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Discord Store goes after Steam, Epic by offering developers more money

December 14, 2018

Via: TechSpot

The advent of yet another digital distribution platform for games could be viewed as either a blessing or a curse. While competition is rarely a bad thing, having too much of it can create excess fragmentation (take cryptocurrency, for example). […]

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Google will shut down Google+ four months early after second data leak

December 10, 2018

Via: The Verge

Google+ has suffered another data leak, and Google has decided to shut down the consumer version of the social network four months earlier than it originally planned. Google+ will now close to consumers in April, rather than August. Additionally, API […]

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Microsoft is adding live captions and subtitles to PowerPoint

December 3, 2018

Via: TechSpot

Microsoft is killing two birds with one stone as its new feature makes PowerPoint more accessible to those with disabilities while simultaneously catering to those who speak a different language than the presenter. Live presentations can be a powerful platform […]

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Microsoft’s new Office icons are part of a bigger design overhaul

November 29, 2018

Via: The Verge

Microsoft is modernizing its Office icons as part of a broader focus on design for its various Office apps. It’s the first time the Office icons have changed in five years, and they’re designed to be more simple and modern […]

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Creepy software developed by Amazon reads patients’ medical records

November 28, 2018

Via: DailyMail

A creepy medical tool developed by Amazon uses artificial intelligence to spot whether you are ill long before your doctor. The project, called Amazon Comprehend Medical, scans through your medical record for key data points and then tells medics what […]