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AI is crucial element of security strategy in the IoT era

September 18, 2018

Via: Computer Weekly

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a key tool in the cyber security expert’s arsenal to fight new threats inside IT infrastructure, according to a global study produced by analysts at the Ponemon Institute and funded by Aruba, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s […]

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Security teams and C-suite exec views not aligned

August 29, 2018

Via: Computer Weekly

While 96% of cyber security professionals are confident that their companies’ security planning is in line with the organisation’s risks, only 73% of the C-suite believe this to be the case. This is one of the main findings of a […]

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Homeland Security warns that US carriers are selling phones with compromised security

August 8, 2018

Via: Phone Arena

The Department of Homeland Security funded a research meant to investigate how safe are smartphones sold in the United States. Some of the research’s results were reported during a conference in Las Vegas this week. The team found multiple vulnerabilities […]

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Hackers targeting software supply chains, US report warns

July 27, 2018

Via: Computer Weekly

“Foreign intelligence services – and threat actors working on their behalf – continue to represent the most persistent and pervasive cyber intelligence threat,” said the Foreign economic espionage in cyberspace report. The report said China, Russia and Iran “stand out […]

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Cyber security vulnerability concerns skyrocket

July 26, 2018

Via: Computer Weekly

These are closely followed by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks (19%), financial theft (18%), and attacks on intellectual property (17%), the survey of security professionals across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US shows. Nearly half of those […]

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Safeguard your code: 17 tips to develop more-secure code

July 25, 2018

Via: Info World

The scary stories from the web are getting worse. First there were a few stolen credit card numbers. Then there were a few thousand. Now we hear about millions of financial records being exposed by security breaches, and we grow […]

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Google slapped with $5 billion fine by EU for Android antitrust breach

July 18, 2018

Via: Mashable

European antitrust regulators have fined Google with a 4.34 billion euro ($5.04 billion) fine for abusing its position in the smartphone market to increase the dominance of its search engine, the European Commission announced in a statement Wednesday. Google was […]

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Google to Remove HTTPS Secure Indicator in September

May 22, 2018

Via: WebPro

The Secure URL label HTTPS will no longer be seen on Google Chrome by September of this year. Google believes that secure websites should be the norm and as such, do not need any more labels. The news was confirmed […]

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Securing IoT Devices with Microsoft’s Azure Sphere

April 26, 2018

Via: InfoQ

In an effort to improve security of IoT devices, Microsoft announced Azure Sphere, an end-to-end solution for Internet-connected microcontrollers (MCUs), during the April 2018 RSA infosec conference. Azure Sphere is organized around a three-layer architecture composed of hybrid microcontrollers running […]

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Google’s New Cloud Security Tools Increase DDOS Protection, Transparency and Usability

April 6, 2018

Via: InfoQ

Google have introduced several new cloud-focused security enhancements for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These enhancements include new services like Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC), Google Cloud Armor, VPC Service Controls, and several new features for G Suite administrators. […]