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USB Type-C authentication program launches to protect against hardware hacks

January 2, 2019

Via: TechSpot

Exploiting USB devices and the protocol itself has become far too easy in recent years. Widespread availability of inexpensive malicious hardware has lead many to simply disable unused ports. Through the addition of cryptographic authentication to USB Type-C devices, a […]

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Malware attack affects publishing of major U.S. newspapers

December 31, 2018

Via: Mashable

A suspected malware attack affected major U.S. newspapers over the weekend. In what was initially thought to be a server outage, the attack delayed distribution of Saturday’s Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune, according to the Times. On Saturday […]

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Malware threats continue to rise and target IoT

December 20, 2018

Via: Techradar

The number of new malware threats grew significantly during the last few months of 2018 as criminals upped their hacking game, according to research from McAfee Labs. The firm reported finding 480 new variants every minute during the three months […]

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Email cyberattacks on the rise – are you protected?

December 12, 2018

Via: Techradar

The number of emails sporting potentially dangerous attachments has risen sharply, and your security platform may not be doing enough to stop it, new research has claimed. The latest figures from Mimecast uncovered a 25 percent rise in possibly malicious […]

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Security Think Tank: Three steps to detect malware comms

December 7, 2018

Via: Computer Weekly

Attackers using multiple command and control (C&C) systems to communicate with backdoors and other malware can be a complicated issue and is one of the tougher scenarios a security professional can run up against. We are accustomed to clicking on […]

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What Are the Security Risks of the Internet of Things?

December 6, 2018

Via: WebPro

IoT devices are just computers so all the threats that we’re used to from the computer world get transferred into any IoT device. In addition, they tend to be low cost, not well designed, built offshore, so they have more […]

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WhatsApp flaw lets hackers intercept and manipulate messages

August 8, 2018

Via: Techradar

WhatsApp users have been warned to be vigilant against a new security flaw that could allow outsider to intercept and alter messages. Researchers from security firm Check Point found that hackers could be able to take advantage of a vulnerability […]

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Software development remains insecure

July 26, 2018

Via: Computer Weekly

In particular, the number of cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities has remained largely stable, accounting for 18% of all vulnerabilities found. This is consistent with reports by white hat hacking community platform HackerOne that XSS is the most commonly exploited vulnerability […]

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Gmail users at risk of phishing attacks, US intelligence officials warn

July 19, 2018

Via: DailyMail

A new feature added in the recent Gmail redesign could present an ’emerging threat’ to users, US intelligence officials have warned. The new feature, known as ‘Confidential Mode’, could leave an increased number of users susceptible to attacks from cyber […]

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Malicious Android apps steal money by stealthily subscribing users to unknown services

June 28, 2018

Via: Phone Arena

Despite the fact that both Google and Apple take great care to make sure the Play Store and App Store are safe, secure, and the absolutely the only place you should be getting your apps, sometimes, some malicious software makes […]