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Steampipe dashboards and benchmarks for your data

March 27, 2024

Via: InfoWorld

In Steampipe unbundled we showed how its plugins, which originally worked only with the foreign data wrapper loaded into Steampipe’s batteries-included Postgres, are now also available as stand-alone distributions that you can load into your own instances of Postgres or SQLite. Now Steampipe itself is unbundled: its dashboard server and benchmark runner have migrated to a new open-source project, Powerpipe.When you start Powerpipe it defaults to a local instance of Steampipe so existing dashboards and benchmarks work as always. The mods that drive them source their data from the same plugins, using the same SQL queries. But you can use Powerpipe’s –database argument to specify a Postgres, SQLite, DuckDB, or MySQL connection string.

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