image credit: Unsplash

Google Pixel 8 Pro gets its first AI Core app update

November 27, 2023


Pixel 8 Pro users are receiving an update today for a new Google app called AI Core. This background service is responsible for powering AI-driven features across Android, keeping those features up-to-date, and providing AI functionality to other apps.

As reported by 9to5Google, AI Core has been present on Pixel phones and tablets since the initial Android 14 update, but this is the first official update for the app. The update bumps the app version from 0.release.539035001 to 0.release.582652206 and is currently specific to Pixel 8 Pro devices on the stable and beta (QPR1 and QPR2) Android 14 builds. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this update is yet available for the Pixel 8 or older Pixel devices.

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