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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) review

November 9, 2018

Via: GSM Arena

Isn’t the Samsung A-series just a royal mess – even numbers, odd numbers, pluses sprinkled here and there, and a year stamp to top it all off. Let’s go ahead and see what the Galaxy A7 (2018) is exactly and […]

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Microsoft in 2018: What does Redmond have in store?

April 11, 2018

Via: TechGenix

For Microsoft, 2017 was a mixed year. The stellar performance of Azure and Office 365, the release of Xbox One X and Windows Mixed Reality devices, and two major updates to Windows 10 are some of the achievements notched by […]

Cloud Computing

The clouds are rolling in: Three reasons to take the cloud plunge in 2018

February 15, 2018


In the past year, cloud technologies have dominated the headlines; not just the major players, but new and emerging platforms that promise to become mainstream in the very near future. As more and more enterprises seek out the capabilities a […]

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Best IT Certifications For 2018

February 8, 2018

Via: Tom's IT Pro

Getting certified is a surefire way to advance your career in the IT industry. Whether you work for an enterprise, a small business, government, healthcare or any other place that employs IT professionals, your best bet for career advancement is […]

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The best cloud storage of 2018

February 7, 2018

Via: Techradar

It’s pretty clear that people and businesses will continue the trend of reducing their need to rely on costly hardware and infrastructure by placing files and applications in the cloud. Given the multitude of cloud storage providers out there, you […]

Cloud Computing

Industry Experts Look at Pros and Cons of the Cloud as We Enter 2018

December 29, 2017

Via: VMBlog

Although we have been talking about the future of cloud for what seems like many years, there is still a huge debate around what’s to come in the 2018. The choice to embrace or not embrace the cloud provides a […]

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PCM 2018 Predictions: The New Year is Looking Very Cloudy

December 28, 2017

Via: VMBlog

As 2018 begins, we will see the rapid expansion of cloud services and all things related to moving applications, infrastructure and services to the cloud, as organizations scramble to remain competitive, take advantage of artificial intelligence, IOT and big data […]

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Cybersecurity Strategy: Top Security Resolutions for 2018

December 26, 2017

Via: SQL Server Pro

As the new year approaches, several IT analysts give their top cybersecurity strategy tips and key tasks to target to protect your company’s IT assets. From conducting a top-to-bottom IT security audit to ensuring your computing infrastructure and software are […]

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Arcadia Data 2018 Predictions: How AI and BI will Fare in 2018

December 21, 2017

Via: VMBlog

“Artificial intelligence (AI) deserves the same treatment Hadoop and other big data technologies have received lately. If the industry is trying to balance the hype around big data-oriented products, it has to make sure not to overhype the arrival of […]

Cloud Computing

A 2018 cloud trend – the return of the on-premises solution?

December 19, 2017


Research published earlier this year by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) revealed that the rate of cloud adoption by UK-based businesses has reached 88%. The top three reasons respondents gave for cloud take-up were delivery flexibility, operational cost savings and […]

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A Look at Intel’s 2018 Software Development Tools

August 28, 2017

Via: Info World

I signed up for Intel’s annual public beta (you can too by registering for it), and now I can share some of what I’ve found in the latest version of the software development tools. These are serious tools for Python, […]