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AR and VR have potential to become disruptive technologies

August 19, 2019

Via: Techradar

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been the next new things for the last many years but still have not taken off and will it have the same fate as the short-lived 3D-TV fad. Industry experts say “no”. “Mainstream success, […]

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Incredible moment artificial intelligence software creates a 3D model of a person in just seconds 

April 16, 2018

Via: DailyMail

A new algorithm in artificial intelligence enables a 3D model of a person to be created in just a few seconds after videoing their features. Artificial intelligence is used during video games and virtual reality to create 3D objects of […]

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Google Lets You Listen To 3D Virtual Reality Audio In Your Headphones

July 26, 2016

Via: Popsci

Today, Google announced a new open source project for what it deems “a key element for an immersive virtual reality experience”: spatial audio. In other words, placing sound where it should be in three-dimensional space. Called Omnitone, Google’s new platform […]


Changes to the YouTube app later this year will add the ability to view 3D videos

July 24, 2015

Via: itCurated

YouTube is making major changes to its app and later this year you could be watching videos in 3D with 360 degree views to enhance the 3D effect. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki discussed these new features during a speech she […]

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Microsoft’s new augmented reality project, “SemanticPaint,” lets you digitize your environment

July 3, 2015

Via: Devin Kate Pope

Some of the coolest things in augmented reality are coming out of Microsoft Research, and their newest project “SemanticPaint” is no exception. This project lets you scan objects, or whole rooms, in 3D using a Kinect and then separate and […]


The CIA Is Investing In 3D Printers That Can Build Electronics

March 5, 2015

Via: Matt Novak

The 3D printing industry is still very much in its infancy. But that could change if the CIA has its way. The intelligence agency’s venture capital firm just invested in Voxel8, the company behind the first multi-material, 3D electronics printer. […]