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Gemini 1.5 is Google’s next-gen AI model — and it’s already almost ready

February 15, 2024

Via: The Verge

Barely two months after launching Gemini, the large language model Google hopes will bring it to the top of the AI industry, the company is already announcing its successor. Google is launching Gemini 1.5 today and making it available to […]

Computing, Software & Applications

Meta’s new AI model is a real-time translation expert

August 22, 2023

Via: Mashable

Meta’s latest AI output is a major advancement for real-time text and speech translation. On Tuesday, the company released SeamlessM4T: a multimodal model that translates text to speech and vice versa. Meta claims SeamlessM4T is “the first all-in-one multilingual multimodal […]

Data Science

Google’s one step closer to building its 1,000-language AI model

March 6, 2023

Via: The Verge

As Microsoft and Google butt heads over whose AI chatbot is better, that isn’t the only use for machine learning and language models. Along with rumored plans to show off more than 20 products powered by artificial intelligence during its […]