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Amazon Rekognition: The Future of Facial Recognition Technology

March 29, 2024

Via: Camila Mendes

Amazon’s latest offering, Rekognition, makes it easier to use image and video analysis technology through its revolutionary APIs. From government facial recognition security to the ability to create visual libraries, Rekognition has dozens of use cases and its ease of […]

Computing, Software & Applications

The open source licensing war is over

July 31, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

The open source war is over, however much some want to continue soldiering on. Recently Meta (Facebook) released Llama 2, a powerful large language model (LLM) with more than 70 billion parameters. In the past, Meta had restricted use of […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

AWS warns customer cloud demand is slowing as Amazon results stutter

October 28, 2022

Via: Techradar

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has reported third-quarter revenue growth of 27.5%, its slowest year-on-year rise since the company began reporting its finances separately in 2014. The cloud giant’s revenue for the quarter was $20.5 billion, while AWS’s operating income was […]

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Why public clouds lead with renewables

April 29, 2022

Via: Info World

It’s no surprise that the top tech companies are also the top cloud companies. It’s also no surprise that these top tech companies are making big investments in green energy. Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta are now the three largest buyers […]

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AWS vs Amazon: Cloud giant’s revenue rises as parent company’s profit falls during Q4

February 4, 2022

Via: Computer Weekly

Amazon Web Services (AWS) chalked up the biggest year-on-year revenue gain in its history during the fourth quarter of 2021, with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to fuel demand for its public cloud offerings. The final quarter of 2021 saw’s […]

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European Parliament passes huge clampdown on tracking ads

January 24, 2022

Via: Techradar

The European Parliament, the legislative body for the European Union (EU), has voted in favor of its Digital Services Act (DSA), which seeks to limit the power of American internet giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Google. The vote – […]

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Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless promises CD-quality audio for wireless headphones

September 1, 2021

Via: The Verge

2021 has been a big year for lossless music now that Apple has gone in on the higher-quality streaming and Amazon is no longer charging an added premium for it. But one of the main challenges confronting lossless audio is […]

Cybersecurity, Security

Google, Amazon forced to patch DNS platforms after serious bug discovered

August 5, 2021

Via: Techradar

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a security issue that affected hosted DNS service providers and can be exploited to monitor incoming traffic and map the victim’s internal networks. At the recent Black Hat security conference, the security researchers Shir Tamari and […]

Apps & OS, Mobile

Amazon gives Alexa a new iOS widget and the ability to assign reminders

July 29, 2021

Via: The Verge

Amazon has updated the Alexa app on iOS so that you can access the voice assistant right from your home screen via a new widget. Everyone can use the assistant to remind specific members of your household to do tasks […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Facebook’s satellite internet team joins Amazon

July 14, 2021

Via: The Verge

Amazon has acquired a team of employees from Facebook focused on delivering internet connectivity from low Earth orbit satellites, The Information reports. Amazon paid Facebook an undisclosed sum as part of the acquisition, which saw more than a dozen Los […]

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AWS and Verizon bring private 5G and edge computing to life with Corning

April 6, 2021

Via: TechSpot

Verizon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have a real-world customer, in the form of Corning’s fiber optic cable factory, for their Private 5G Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) service with AWS Outposts. The combination of the two technologies brings the security, […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Verizon and Amazon team up to offer enhanced 5G services to business customers

April 5, 2021

Via: Phone Arena

Verizon is determined to provide 5G services to as many customers as possible, and one segment that seems a bit underserved in the enterprise area. Starting this week, Verizon will offer enterprise customers in the United States who want a […]

Mobile, Tablets

Amazon’s 64GB Fire HD 10 tablet just hit a new all-time lowest price

March 26, 2021

Via: Mashable

Amazon’s most advanced tablet is featured as one of the site’s daily deals on March 26, and it’s on sale for its lowest ever price. Regularly $189.99, the 64GB Fire HD 10 tablet is on sale for $107.99. For context, […]

Computing, Operating Systems

Amazon is bringing macOS to its AWS cloud

December 1, 2020

Via: The Verge

Amazon is bringing macOS to its AWS cloud for the first time ever. New Mac mini instances will be available on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), allowing developers to create apps for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more all on AWS. […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Amazon’s Luna game streaming service is powered by Windows and Nvidia GPUs

September 25, 2020

Via: The Verge

Amazon’s new Luna cloud gaming platform is powered by Windows servers and Nvidia GPUs. Luna supports more than 100 games thanks to this Windows support, allowing developers to quickly move their existing Windows games over to an AWS instance and […]

Computing, Software & Applications

Soon you can take Zoom calls on Amazon, Facebook, and Google smart displays

August 19, 2020

Via: Mashable

Zoom announced on Wednesday that its popular video conferencing software, which has enabled many virtual happy hours in the past six months, is coming to smart displays. Specifically, Zoom will be available on Amazon’s Echo Show, Facebook’s Portal, and Google’s […]

Privacy, Security

Apple was conflicted over right-to-repair stance, emails show

July 30, 2020

Via: The Verge

Apple hasn’t always known what public position to take on right-to-repair policies and legislation, according to recently published internal emails. The 2019 discussion, provided to Congress for its antitrust investigation, highlights the Apple PR team’s struggle to keep public messaging […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Majority of organisations at risk of cloud data exposure

July 29, 2020

Via: Computer Weekly

Organisations continue to leave assets deployed in the public cloud with services such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft routinely exposed and unprotected, with cloud estates now frequently breached through weak links such as neglected and unpatched internet-facing workloads, authentication issues […]

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AWS Launches a No-Code Mobile and Web App Builder in Beta: Amazon Honeycode

June 29, 2020

Via: InfoQ

Recently, AWS announced the beta release of Amazon Honeycode, a fully managed service allowing customers to build mobile and web applications without writing any code quickly. With Amazon Honeycode, customers can build applications that are tailored specifically for tasks that […]

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Amazon Releases AWS Amplify iOS and Android into General Availability

June 9, 2020

Via: nfoQ

Recently, Amazon announced the general availability (GA) of Amplify iOS and Amplify Android, which are both part of the open-source Amplify Framework. Amplify iOS and Amplify Android include libraries and tools, allowing mobile developers to build scalable and secure cloud-powered […]