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How cloud cost visibility impacts business and employment

April 30, 2024

Via: InfoWorld

In its latest The State of Cloud Cost in 2024 report, CloudZero illuminates the serious implications of cloud cost management and its effect on business stability and job security. The conclusions are interesting. CloudZero’s survey, which drew insights from 1,000 […]


How and Why Advanced Technologies Could Be a Risk for Your Business

April 28, 2023

Via: Natalie Dunn

Advanced technologies have revolutionized how businesses operate and have brought about numerous opportunities for growth and development. However, in addition to their advantages, these technologies also come with certain risks that organizations must consider. This article will explore the adoption […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Making a new business case for cloud computing

April 14, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

It’s a familiar scene in 2023. A CIO nervously presents the cloud migration status to the board of directors. After a quick flip through a dozen or so PowerPoint slides and a review of the budget that supports the projects, […]


Top Technologies to Grow Your Business and Stay Ahead of Competition

February 28, 2023

Via: Natalie Dunn

Any company wanting to achieve rapid growth and long-term success should consider technologies like Advanced Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Programming, and the Zero Trust Model. Without adopting these modern solutions, it’s harder for businesses to leverage software that puts […]


Why High-Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS) Might Be the Right Solution For Your Business

November 4, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

In recent years, High-Performance Computing (HPC) has become a common requirement in international research projects and applications involving Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Big Data Analytics technologies. As the application areas become more numerous, setting up, operating, and developing an […]

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End User Data Threats Businesses Can’t Ignore

October 31, 2022

Via: SmartData Collective

Over the past few years, businesses have transitioned their operations from in-house to remote and hybrid environments. While the shift was temporary and necessary amid the pandemic, benefits like reduced overhead, flexible work schedules, improved morale, enhanced customer experience, and […]


IoT—Most Common Security Issues and Effective Ways to Protect Your Company’s IoT

October 28, 2022

Via: Isabella Carter

The Internet of Things (IoT) is perhaps the most rapidly growing technology in recent years. The accelerated development of IoT technologies is enabling businesses to innovate on a never-before-seen scale, but it is also raising unprecedented cybersecurity concerns. Companies must […]

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Get ready for the metaverse

October 17, 2022

Via: Info World

Will we see growth in the metaverse similar to the World Wide Web back in the 1990s? One source shows that there were fewer than 3,000 websites in 1994, but just five years later, there were more than 3 million, […]

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New Windows 11 update is causing headaches for IT teams now too

October 7, 2022

Via: Techradar

Microsoft’s latest major update for Windows 11 hasn’t even been out for a month yet and it’s already causing issues for some businesses. We’ve already reported on a printer bug that has plagued devices running the 22H2 update, but the […]


Digital Transformation: An Essential Journey to Remain Competitive

August 29, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

Digital transformation is essential for any company looking to remain competitive and profitable, both now and in the future. However, for many organizations and especially SMEs, the process of digital transformation can be difficult to begin. What are the costs […]

Hacking, Security

The Business of Hackers-for-Hire Threat Actors

August 10, 2022

Via: The Hacker News

Today’s web has made hackers’ tasks remarkably easy. For the most part, hackers don’t even have to hide in the dark recesses of the web to take advantage of people any longer; they can be found right in plain sight […]


Metaverse: How Fast Will We Adapt To New Technology?

June 14, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

The last two years helped us to understand how quickly we can adapt to new technologies designed to increase interaction in the virtual environment. With teleworking becoming the new norm, we had to learn how to use teleconferencing systems, collaborative […]


New Technologies and Digital Transformation: Global Trends, Early Adopters and the Future IT Departments

November 30, 2021

Via: Natalie Dunn

The global pandemic has irreversibly affected the evolution of the IT industry, accelerating the development and adoption of new technologies. The prolonged health crisis has amplified the digital transformation process forcing companies to open up to new solutions that deliver […]

Privacy, Security

Data breaches are almost the norm for many businesses these days

November 11, 2021

Via: Techradar

A global survey of app security managers has revealed that a majority (91%) of the respondents had experienced security breaches in the last year as a direct result of a vulnerable application. Compiled by cybersecurity specialists Checkmarx, the report shares […]

Internet, Wireless & Cloud

Oracle Q1 2021-2 results: Cloud revenue reaches a quarter

September 14, 2021

Via: Computer Weekly

Oracle has announced a 4% increase in year-on-year first-quarter results for its fiscal year 2021-2. The supplier declared $9.7bn revenue for the quarter. Safra Catz, CEO at Oracle, said: “Oracle’s two new cloud businesses, IaaS and SaaS [infrastructure and software […]

Computing, Hardware

Apple M1 chip could reportedly save businesses millions

July 27, 2021

Via: Techradar

Apple’s custom M1 chip could save businesses millions of dollars in comparison to traditional PCs, despite the larger initial expenditure, new analysis suggests. As per a report from analyst house Forrester (albeit commissioned by Apple), businesses could save $843 for […]


How to Simplify Your Work-From-Home Tech Strategy

June 22, 2021

Via: John Mathews

A moment of opportunity ‘Our data on employer plans and the relative productivity of WFH imply a 5 percent productivity boost in the post-pandemic economy due to re-optimized working arrangements.’ This is according to Why Working From Home Will Stick—a […]


How to choose the best IT asset management service for your company

December 18, 2019

Via: James Hughes

IT asset management is important for businesses of all sizes, considering the continuous growth in the number of connected devices. More than ever, companies are relying on hundreds or maybe thousands of devices to operate successfully on a day-to-day basis. […]


The Best VPN Services for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in 2020

November 16, 2019

Via: William Palmer

Keeping your data safe has never been more crucial than now. Whether it’s a large enterprise or a small business, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a must for employees who travel frequently or work often on public Wi-Fi and need […]


The Dangers of Using Facial Recognition Technology to Secure Your Business

July 15, 2019

Via: William Palmer

Facial recognition technology is the new gold standard for the modern business world. Although these face-detecting systems have been around for decades, their use has expanded tremendously in a rather short period of time. So much, in fact, that they […]