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Chinese Chip Design Software Devs Receive Massive Government Support

November 6, 2023

Via: Tom's Hardware

Driven by government subsidies and support, China’s domestic developers of electronic design automation tools (EDA, or software used for designing integrated circuits and circuit boards), are witnessing a surge in sales, and can therefore increase their R&D investments. After the […]

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Accelerating sustainable semiconductors with ‘multielement ink’

September 28, 2023

Via: Tech Xplore

Semiconductors are the heart of almost every electronic device. Without semiconductors, our computers would not be able to process and retain data; and LED (light-emitting diode) lightbulbs would lose their ability to shine. But semiconductor manufacturing requires a lot of […]

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TSMC set to begin mass production of 3nm chips

December 28, 2022

Via: TechSpot

Taiwanese news outlets are reporting that TSMC will hold a ceremony on December 29 to officially announce the launch of 3nm mass production. Apple will be the primary customer for the first two series of 3nm semiconductors from the Tainan […]