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Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 5000 memory interface boost might be exclusive to (very expensive) flagship model

March 14, 2024

Via: TechSpot

Known leaker @kopite7kimi recently stated that the top-end RTX 50 series GPU would upgrade to a 512-bit memory interface but doesn’t expect the bus improvements to trickle down the hardware stack. The memory configurations of the other upcoming Blackwell products might resemble their Ada Lovelace predecessors instead.

Since late last year, leaks suggested that the Blackwell flagship – likely named the GeForce RTX 5090 – move from GDDR6X to the faster GDDR7, providing the primary VRAM improvement, but wouldn’t exceed the RTX 4090’s 24 GB 384-bit memory interface. However, new information indicates a 512-bit bus for the 5090, which, combined with other rumors, could make the card significantly faster than its predecessor.

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