image credit: Maurizio Pesce / Flickr

The Google I/O 2020 event is all set to detail the new Android 11 features

February 21, 2020


Google just launched the new Android 11 Developer Preview that, come its I/O 2020 event in May, will probably appear on stage as a full-fledged beta that you can take for a spin, first on the Pixel, and maybe some other close-to-stock interfaces, then on your Galaxies.

The update from Android 10 to Android 11, however, will mostly be focusing on under-the-hood improvements in privacy, biometrics security on the system level, and so on, at least it seems so at this early preview stage. Google, however, is known to add user-facing features on the runup to the beta, and then to the final release to manufacturer.

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