Will Wearables Ever be Cool? Probably Not. But in Field Service, They’ll be Useful

November 16, 2017


As a lover of gadgets, I look forward to the day I can wear a short sleeve shirt and my Apple Watch and not feel like a social pariah, but today is not that day. Part of the stigma is created by the fact that while wearables seem like an important frontier for technological innovation, on the consumer side, the functionality just isn’t there.

Sure, my watch allows me to start and stop a run without fiddling with my phone, but… that’s about it. Every other feature looks and works better on my phone. Granted, I have to go through the arduous process of putting my hand all the way into my pocket, powerlifting the six-ounce device to eye level, and stretching my poor thumb to swipe the screen, but I can do it. I can carry that burden.

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