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Supercharging Connectivity: Exploring the Benefits of 5G Technology

May 22, 2023

Via: Big Data Analytics News

The introduction of 5G technology, the fifth-generation cellular network, is energizing all aspects of connectivity: from digital entertainment to gaming, from virtual services like streaming music and video to business collaboration tools. This next-level telecommunications technology takes internet connection speeds […]

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Samsung licenses 5G technology from Huawei possibly to improve its 5G mobile modems

December 12, 2022

Via: PhoneArena

With Huawei unable to access its U.S. supply chain, the Chinese manufacturer has been forced to innovate and it has come up with its own HarmonyOS operating system, now on its third version, and the Huawei Mobile Services platform. In […]

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How 5G will impact the future of farming and John Deere’s digital transformation

February 2, 2018

Via: ZDNet

At 180 years old, John Deere has become a household name that conjures images of farmland, tractors and rural America. But what’s less known about the iconic company is that it’s become a leading tech innovator in the precision agriculture […]