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Amazon’s Alexa is taking a trip to the moon

January 6, 2022

Via: Mashable

Alexa, can you go to space? Apparently, Alexa can. Amazon Alexa, the digital technology assistant, will be breaking new ground in 2022. A version of the voice assistant will be included on NASA’s Artemis I mission, a highly-anticipated flight beyond […]

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Amazon gives Alexa a new iOS widget and the ability to assign reminders

July 29, 2021

Via: The Verge

Amazon has updated the Alexa app on iOS so that you can access the voice assistant right from your home screen via a new widget. Everyone can use the assistant to remind specific members of your household to do tasks […]

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Apple, Google, Amazon, and others Team Up to Create New Smart Home Standard

January 8, 2020

Via: InfoQ

Connected Home over IP is a recently announced, joint effort by Apple, Google, Amazon, and the Zigbee Alliance to define a connectivity standard for smart home products. To accelerate this initiative Apple has open sourced parts of its core technology […]

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Microsoft’s new Cortana chief outlines the company’s digital assistant vision

May 8, 2019

Via: The Verge

Microsoft’s digital assistant has had a tough time recently. After starting off life on Windows Phone, Cortana appeared on Windows 10 PCs and looked set to launch on a range of smart speakers, fridges, toasters, thermostats, and more. While Alexa […]

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Lenovo Smart Tab P10 Review

April 23, 2019

Via: Phone Arena

Some people may have reservations about picking an Android tablet over anything else, especially given how fewer and fewer companies are releasing new models. When you have competing iPads, Windows 10 slates, and even Chromebooks, it really makes you wonder […]

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The biggest Amazon Alexa products from CES 2019

January 10, 2019

Via: The Verge

Voice assistants are being integrated into every part of our daily lives, from smart speakers to home security and bizarrely, even to toilets. Google said it expects its Assistant to be installed on a billion devices soon, and Amazon recently […]

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You can now use Alexa on any Windows 10 PC

November 8, 2018

Via: TechSpot

If Cortana just wasn’t enough for your needs, Amazon is giving you the opportunity to use its proprietary ‘Alexa’ voice assistant on your Windows 10 PC today. To be clear, this isn’t a result of any sort of partnership between […]

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Lenovo’s smaller Smart Display now comes bundled with free Google Home Mini

August 27, 2018

Via: Phone Arena

Google has made extraordinary progress in its fight against Amazon as far as both virtual assistants and smart speakers are concerned, despite making a late start with the Alexa-rivaling Google Assistant and Echo-slaying Google Home a couple of years back. […]

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Amazon adds money making to Alexa skills

May 4, 2018


Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa has been opened up to all developers to generate cash through add-ons and premium content in the virtual assistant’s ‘skills’. In-skill purchasing will allow developers to charge for premium content and features within an Alexa skill, […]

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Japan’s biggest messenger is taking on Amazon’s Alexa

March 2, 2017

Via: Mashable

Amazon’s Alexa may be up against big competition. South Korean internet giant Naver, which runs Line, Japan’s biggest messaging app, unveiled on Wednesday its own AI virtual assistant. The new assistant is called Clova, and will be entirely voice-based. It’ll […]

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Alexa could soon distinguish between user voices

February 28, 2017

Via: Phone Arena

These are heady days for Amazon and its AI personal assistant Alexa. At MWC, Motorola announced that there will be a Moto Mod speaker that will add Alexa capabilities to the Moto Z handsets. Additionally, future Moto branded smartphones will […]


Amazon’s Alexa AI can finally understand follow-up questions

December 30, 2016

Via: Phone Arena

Amazon’s Alexa AI is insanely cool, and while the folks over in Seattle have been doing a tremendous job at making their virtual assistant smarter and smarter since its initial release, it still isn’t quite perfect. One of the biggest […]


Microsoft Launches Cloud Bot-as-a-Service Platform

December 29, 2016

Via: InfoQ

This past November, Microsoft launched, what it is calling, the “Industry’s First Cloud Bot-as-a-Service” platform. Bots, and more specifically conversational apps, have been a very popular subject of late with both Amazon and Google also having recent deep learning announcements. […]


Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo is now available to anyone that wants it

June 23, 2015

Via: Dan Seifert

Late last year, Amazon announced the Echo, a wireless speaker with a voice-controlled personal assistant built in. We called it “Siri in a box” in our review, and that’s a pretty apt description. The Echo can be a standard Bluetooth […]