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Instagram is adding more limits on targeting teens with ads

January 11, 2023

Via: Mashable

Instagram is making more changes to the ad experiences for teens as part of an ongoing attempt by the Meta-owned company to stop harming young people. The platform said in a post that it will further restrict the options advertisers […]

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Google plans to offer checking accounts next year

November 13, 2019

Via: The Verge

Google is planning to offer checking accounts within its Google Pay app, The Wall Street Journal reports. Its “Cache” project, which could launch as soon as next year, will be offered in partnership with Citigroup and a small Stanford University […]


Google moves against bad ads: 2 billion removed last year and stepping up efforts against bad advertisers

March 15, 2019

Via: TechSpot

Advertising makes up more than 80% of Google’s revenue, so it’s definitely something they take seriously and try to optimize. Every year they release a report covering how many bad ads they removed as well as what they are doing […]


Network-wide ad blocking violates net neutrality, European regulators rule

September 2, 2016

Via: Mashable

European regulators just put a major roadblock in the way of one of the most ambitious and aggressive ad blocking startups — as well as the telecom that had hoped to benefit from it. The company, an Israeli tech firm […]

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Spotify joins basically every other app maker in selling your data to advertisers

July 22, 2016

Via: Techradar

Streaming music service Spotify announced today that it’s begun selling user data to advertisers, though this move doesn’t exactly make it an anomaly in the ad-heavy streaming landscape. Spotify actually joins Pandora, Google and SoundCloud in offering up valuable user […]


With 100M users, Pinterest’s ‘promoted pins’ just became a lot more attractive to advertisers

September 18, 2015

Via: Michael de Waal-Montgomery

Everybody and their dog is talking about Facebook and Instagram ads, but with Pinterest finally sharing its monthly active user numbers Wednesday — the service claims 100 million — I expect that advertising eyeballs will suddenly be looking a lot […]